Gridopolis Lab Pack - 4 games

BIG savings when you buy four together. The price-per-game goes from $50 to $35. 

Gridopolis is an innovative 3D tabletop game -- and system.

First, use pads, posts and links to build your three dimensional gridset. These form your playing arena. Then, use nodes to modify the pad's function. Finally, use markers to move around the gridset, capture opponents, and score points. Gridopolis is easy to learn as rules are based on classic games like checkers and tic-tac-toe.

  • Play strategy on multiple levels
  • No two games are the same
  • Social and screen free
  • Education focused

PLAYERS : 1 to 4

GAME TIME : 15 to 60 minutes

AGE RANGE : 8 and up

BONUS : Each player begins the game with 10 extra grid-set pieces. Use these at any time during play to dynamically change the grid-set in the middle of a game. 

There are four separate boxes that ship together. Each box comes with 217 pieces, which includes:

  • 63 Pads
  • 16 Posts
  • 88 Links
  • 24 Markers
  • 12 Kingerizers
  • 6 Teleporters
  • 8 Blocker Boxes
  • Game Play Instructions

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 18 in x 11 in x 3 in. (4 lbs.) EACH. 16 lbs for the 4-pack master carton.

NOTE 1 > Billing will occur at checkout.
NOTE 2 > The four games are shipped in one box and cannot be separated.

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